Sergio Romero Pizarro

Lawyer, Law graduate from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Director of Romero Izquierdo Abogados SpA since September 2021. In addition to having practiced his profession as a lawyer in civil, commercial, agricultural and real estate matters, he has developed political and parliamentary, trade union and business activities. and diplomatic. Currently, he is a Counselor of the Center for International Studies of the Catholic University of Chile, President of the UPLA Honorary Consultative Committee and President of the RREE Commission of the Libertad Institute.

Political and Parliamentary Activities

- President of the Senate of the Republic, periods 1997-1998 and 2005-2006
- Senator V Region (Aconcagua), 1990-1994 / 1994-2002 / 2002-2010.
- Vice President of National Renewal in 1990 and Regional President (V Region) of RN.
- Founder of the Interparliamentary Forum of Ibero-America.
- Founding Director of the Interparliamentary Forum of the Americas - FIPA.
- Full member of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union.
- Vice President of UPLA Union of Parties LA / regional IDU 2015/2021

Union and Business Activities

- President of the Center for Law Students of the Catholic University in 1960-1961
- Delegate to the FEUC (1958-1961).
- Agricultural Union Leader, Secretary General, Counselor, Director and First Vice President of the National Society of Agriculture. Honorary Director in office.
- Undersecretary of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Research Institute.
- Vice President of the Confederation of Production and Commerce.
- Founder and President of the International Fair of Santiago (FISA).
- President of Radio Agriculture.
- Director of ICARE.
- President and Director of Industrial, Commercial and Services Companies.
- Chilean representative before the International Labor Organization (OIE-Rural Council).
- Director of the Association of Broadcasters of Chile (ARCHI).
- Founder of the technology companies DICOM SA and Microsystem SA.
- Agricultural and livestock entrepreneur.

Diplomatic Activities

- Ambassador of Chile in Spain 2010-2014.
- Concurrent Ambassador in Andorra 2010-2014.
- Ambassador of Chile in Italy 2019-2021.
- Concurrent Ambassador in the Republic of Malta, San Marino, UN Organizations in Rome and FAO 2019-2021.


- Spanish and english